Tadej Štajner



Current position

Previous positions

  • Lead Data Scientist, HERE, Berlin, Germany (March 2015 - March 2020)
    • Machine learning on driver mobility and automotive applications, autonomous map construction, analytics, quality monitoring and forecasting.
  • Data engineer, TVBeat, Ljubljana, Slovenia
    • Processing and analysis of real-time TV viewer habits
  • Co-founder, lead developer, Magazinius, Ljubljana, Slovenia (May 2013 - April 2014)
    • A next-gen digital publishing and design tool with responsive automated layout.
  • Research assistant, Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Jožef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia (December 2009 - April 2014)
    • Named entity disambiguation using background knowledge (linking text with knowledge - demo)
    • Triple store for fast entity retrieval and entity graph algorithms (knowledge graph database - demo)
    • Named entity extractor for slovene (finding mentions of proper names, part of enrycher, available here)
    • Summarizing microposts in social media (Twitter summarization - show only most interesting posts)
    • Multi-lingual sentiment analysis for English and Spanish
    • Fast training of sentiment analysis models using active learning (demo)
    • Recommender system for contextualization of knowledge work (Suggest documents and e-mails related to what you're currently doing)
  • Developer, Zemanta (May 2008 - November 2008)
    • Content analysis back-end development
    • NLP, Python, C++, Linux
  • Developer, SRC.SI (June 2004 - September 2007)
    • Development of applications for business process support (Struts/Java)
    • Front-end development, UI (HTML, JavaScript, JSP)


Things I do

  • Data science: natural language processing, trajectory mining, machine learning, behavior mining, crowdsourcing
  • Software development: numerical computing, stream processing, high performance computing, web application development, systems programming


  • W3C Working group: Multilingual Web - LT (development of a standard for the process of localization and internationalization; my focus is on integration of automated language tools in the content authoring and enrichment step)